In an era where society has evolved so rapidly and continues to move forward at a pace beyond it’s own means and viability; it is the idea to provide a contribution to a diminishing market that has persevered through centuries of social interaction and human evolution. Welcome and join us in the world of Anthos.


This isn’t your average florist.

We are a bespoke Design House offering much more than a simple bunch of blooms. Our small team carries experience throughout many fields, so chances are whatever you may need; we can probably create it. If you are looking for rare blooms, hand cared, carefully curated and artistically created for someone special in your life, you have come to the right place! 

Our real passion is creating unique designs and bespoke floral artworks to be a part of your next event, big or small. If you have a vision, we will bring it to life.


Creative Director |


"...Ever since I can remember, I have loved being surrounded by flowers and pretty things. My first memory as a child began with my obsession with fairy gardens. I would spend hours creating my own little world among the trees and flowers in my backyard, hoping the fairies would come at night and live inside them…. just your typical 90s child imagination! Then ever since I saw the film ‘The Secret Garden’ I have had a soft spot for flowers, gardens and all things pretty and now I have found a small way to spread my passion and happiness upon others!..."